Creative Journaling Workshops For Women Who Are Ready to Explore Their Creativity
Hello There!

Hey there!

I’m Krysty, and I want to welcome you to The Creative Badass.


ABOUT ME: I’m a coach, educator, artist, and writer with a Doctorate in International Education Development. All those different pieces of myself have led me down different roads, where I’ve often had to make difficult decisions whether to keep going, or if it’s time to make a change. It’s definitely an interesting background for what I do now, which is coaching individuals to make breakthroughs in their lives. But, my life work has led me to this moment and allowed me to develop and practice the skills I need for helping people make real change in their lives.

The first question people often ask me is “What kind of work do you do anyway? What exactly is the The Creative Badass Coaching Method?” And my answer off the top of my head is usually, “Oh, I run creativity classes for adults. I teach them a process that helps them make breakthroughs in their lives.” But, that’s not really what I do.

What I really do is: 

  • I help people heal.

  • I help people move forward on their journey.

  • I help people rewrite their story.

  • I help people find their focus and their purpose.

  • I help people remember what it feels like to be brave and strong.

And, yes, I do this all through visual journaling. I remove the roadblocks and the obstacles and all that crazy negative chatter that people let run wild in their heads about why they can’t do something, or why they aren’t good enough.


Choosing yourself is an act of braveness and that’s where the badass part comes in.


Because anytime someone chooses bravery over playing it safe, that’s when their inner badass comes shining through.


But What is the Creative Badass Coaching Method Anyway?

“THAT ALL SOUNDS GREAT, BUT WHAT EXACTLY IS visual JOURNALING and how will it help me with what’s going on in my life?”

The visual journaling process becomes a powerful tool that accompanies changes you are making in your life, or highlights places where you are stuck. Keeping your hands busy writing, or painting, or looking for images frees up your mind so that you are more easily able to get out of your own way.

It is a personal journey that you will go on with your dreams, your hopes, and your desires, and along the way we’ll uncover your fears, your blocks, and your failures. They are all part of your story and reclaiming these parts of you that are buried under fear and shame is where so many powerful breakthroughs occur.

Visual Journaling is all about the process.

There is no end result in mind when you start and even when you think you have an idea about an end result, it’s surprising how you end up somewhere else.