The Process of Healing Through Creativity and Visual Journaling


We think too much.

Which is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing when we have a very specific, concrete problem that we need to work through. Like, what to do if we have a big project due at work, or if we need to respond to an issue with our children.

It’s a curse when we try to bring some sort of rational thought process to our feelings and our emotions. Those do not follow a linear line. Our experiences can’t always be dealt with and catalogued neatly away. We often aren’t able to make sense of complex emotional experiences that we have had. Or our thinking leads us down a tangled path of reasons why we should not make changes in our lives or follow our dreams.


We cannot think our way to healing ourselves, no matter how much effort we put into it.


When our mind first meets the page in visual journaling it’s so easy to become stuck. We begin to overthink and to prejudge every idea we have. Dismissing each one almost immediately as it enters our awareness.

But as we begin to take down the DIY barriers we have erected in our minds we can feel the power of  moving out of our everyday lives and reality, but doing it in a subconscious way. We don’t necessarily approach the page with a specific idea in mind or specific need we have to have healed. But we do approach it with an open mind and a willingness to be led to a new place through the colors and images we chose and the words that we write.

The surprise can really be about not knowing what to expect when you begin your work of journaling. So many times I’ve sat down with a specific emotion or need and I think I will journal about that but then all those thoughts and feelings dissipate and I’m left looking at a page that is often the exact opposite of what I entered the process with.

Love Krysty