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Creative Journaling Workshops For Women Who Are Ready to Explore Their Creativity
Rewrite Your Story

Love Yourself & Chill Workshop

1 1/2 hours — $35

Love Yourself & Chill is an introductory workshop that shows you how to effortlessly combine word, image, collage and photography to create richly layered visual journals, and learn about the Creative Badass Coaching Method, woven into all these workshops.

Prerequisite: None. Registration is open to all.



IGNITE: Reclaiming Yourself

4 Week Course — $219

Do you feel like you’re stuck? Are you looking for a change? Do you constantly write down dreams and plans for the future but never seem to carry through with them?

IGNITE is a four-week workshop where I show you how to harness the power of your creativity to get where you want to go. This workshop will allow you to have the space to focus on uncovering what is holding you back and how you can make some big powerful changes.



Private Coaching Sessions

75 minute sessions- $125/ea; five sessions - $500

I offer private one on one sessions either in person, at my studio space in Westchester County, or over Zoom. Each session is completely tailored to your specific need, whether you are trying to heal from a difficult divorce or change careers.

Self-care is a word that is thrown around so often that it can become meaningless. When you hear self-care most people think of bubble baths or massages, things that help them escape from their reality. While baths and massages can help us feel more relaxed their impact is not usually that lasting.

But, self-care needs to impact your life on a truly deeper level to make lasting changes. It’s more about parenting yourself and making long-term changes, than it is about “treating yourself.”

Visual journaling provides a space where you can do that deep, messy inner work that leads to the heart of yourself. Instead of always trying to fix yourself, the focus will be on taking care of yourself. This class is where you will use your journal to begin to experience and release yourself from your past. We all carry the weight of long ago stories that we tell ourselves and others tell about us. We’ve outgrown so many of these.